Creditinfo Malta to launch New System

As part of our ongoing process to provide our clients with the latest and most efficient data and risk awareness products, we will be unveiling an enhanced version of our online database in 2017.

Changes focus on usability and technology advancements, so current users will find the most important aspects of Creditinfo Malta’s system unchanged.  We will continue to provide indispensable information to help you make better informed credit decisions.

The new user experience will combine a redesigned visual interface, along with several other rich, intuitive features to enhance the usability customers already recognize with Creditinfo Malta.

As a result of these changes, our clients will benefit from:

  • Better User Experience: With improved functionality, the system will be easier to use with an improved look and feel and also a more personalised user experience. It’s not only about colors, fonts, and a new layout, but also about simplifying how the applications are built around our users and how users can quickly accelerate time to value.
  • Improved Access to Data: Extended capabilities and more sophisticated functionalities will include improved access to the data with an extended and more flexible search facility including: More field options, Ability to search on partial matches, Best match results will be included
  • Accelerate time to value: Minimise the time spent accessing key data, not only through an improved user interface, but also by equipping ‘on-the-go’ users with the ability to more easily check information via mobile devices, such as tablets and mobile phones. Also, reducing the time spent training new users with the addition of more support functions, such as ‘How to’ videos and demos, a dedicated help line and email contact and more.

All changes have been designed with our users in mind, based on their feedback and comments over the last 12 months and will be implemented with minimal or no disruption.

These enhancements demonstrate Creditinfo Malta’s growth and transformation over the last 14 years.  Just as our company has evolved, so too must our systems, to enable businesses and individuals to continue to trade safely and securely home and abroad. We will continuously implement innovative improvements and developments for our customers.

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